Great for homeschooling, or small group use, this Discovering Phonics Flashcard pack covers all of the 68 letters/ sounds that are introduced in phases 2, 3 & 5 (Phase 4 does not include any new sounds), as taught in school.
Each colourful, flashcard is wipeable and double-sided - one side containing the letter(s)/ sound and example image, the other side with the image name (word).

This Flashcard pack also includes:
'Recap' stories - to help recap/ practice the sounds and words learned within each phase.
'Tricky' word lists for Phases 2,3,4 & 5 - These are the words that children need to learn to read on sight (rather than sound out).
Instructions and recommended sound learning order list (for each phase).

Full Pack contents:
• Instructions
• Phonics/Sound learning order (covering phases 2,3 & 5) card. 
• 68 Double-sided/ wipeable sound cards (23 x Phase 2... 26 x Phase 3... 19 x Phase 5)
• 6 Double-sided' Recap' story cards (12 stories - 4 for each Phase (2,3 & 5).
• 3 x Double-sided 'Tricky' word cards (containing 'tricky' word lists for all Phases (2,3,4 & 5)

Phonics Flashcard Pack

  • £14.75

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