Discovering Phonics reading and writing packs (age 3+)

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As a parent or guardian, whether you are homeschooling, supporting, or preparing your child for school, there is nothing better than hearing them sound out their very first letters and words and seeing them grow from strength to strength with their reading and writing skills.

Our Discovering Phonics packs have been specially created for you to help and share with your child (3+) in their early stages of reading and writing.  Designed to reinforce the letters, sounds, and words that they will be learning at school, the Discovering Phonics packs also include lots of colourful, drawing and writing activities, as well as fun games and stories.

How our phonics packs work.

Our Discovering Phonics reading and writing packs cover the first 23 (Phase 2) letter sounds, that your child will need to know in order to sound out words.

They also focus on helping them learn to read, write, and spell simple CVC words (words made up of a Consonant, Vowel, Consonant sound), as well as other more ‘tricky’ words.

Both packs are divided into colour-coded, easy-to-use sets. 

Each set contains

  • Sound cards – to help your child to recognise and sound out individual letters;
  • Colourful CVC ‘blending’ flashcards – to help them learn to ‘blend’ and read simple CVC words, made up of the sounds that they are learning;
  • A fun A4 activity worksheet and game – directly linked to the sounds and words that they have been covering, as well as re-capping sounds and words from any previous sets.

Each pack also includes the following resources:

  • Letter formation mat (or cards) – for practicing their letter writing skills (lower case and capitals).
  • CVC word builder – great for practicing and recapping new words being learned.
  • High frequency and ‘Tricky’ word flashcards – covering popular words which cannot be sounded out.
  • Fun story (or stories) with linked activities – for reading and understanding complete sentences.

Helping your child to grow

Learning should always be engaging and fun.

Eco Friendly

At present over 60% of our packs are made from either recycled or recyclable materials.

This includes the packaging, card, and plastic ‘Eco Eco’ folders that we currently use.

Moving forward, we intend to improve upon this even more as our business grows.

Taking care of our environment


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