Discovering Phonics Bumper Activity Pack

Ideal for homeschooling (with sensory resources)

This is our larger, Bumper Phonics Activity Pack which has more activities, games, and stories.

Ideal for homeschooling,  it covers the first 31 letter sounds that your child will need to know (all Phase 2 sounds… plus 8 from Phase 3), and is divided into 6 easy-to-use sets.

Focusing on helping them to read, write, and spell simple CVC words (words made up of a Consonant, Vowel, Consonant sound), this pack also contains many sensory resources, plus extra stories activities, and flashcards.

Each set contains:

  • Sound and letter formation cards – to help your child learn to recognise, sound out and write individual letters.
  • Colourful CVC ‘blending’ flashcards – to help them learn to ‘blend’ and read simple CVC words, made up of the sounds that they are learning.
  • A fun A4 activity worksheet and game, directly linked to the sounds and words that they have been covering, as well as re-capping sounds and words from any previous sets.

Additional resources included:

  • Colourful activity workbook – for colouring, drawing and writing – designed to work with each set being covered.
  • CVC word builder (with picture cards) – great for practicing and recapping new words being learned.
  • High frequency and ‘Tricky’ word flashcards – for learning to read on sight, popular words which are more difficult to sound out.
  • ‘Plant it’ activity game – A fun way to help children to sound out and spell the words that they have been learning.
  • 3 fun, stories – covering and recapping the more advanced CVC words and tricky words found in the Activity Pack.
  • Sensory resourcesmagnetic alphabet letters, PomPoms, Play-Doh, crayons – to help enhance your child’s learning.


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Double-sided flashcards

  • 31 Sound cards – all 23 Phase 2 & first 8 Phase 3 sounds.
  • 51 colourful, CVC blending cards.
  • 26 wipeable letter formation cards (lowercase & capitals).
  • Set of 16 double-sided High Frequency/ Tricky word cards.

Sound and CVC blending cards

Letter formation cards

Engaging activities

  • Activity workbook (covering all sets) with crayons.
  • 6 wipeable A4 double-sided activity sheets.
  • A4 magnetic whiteboard with pen and eraser.
  • CVC word builder with picture cards (covering each set).

Activity workbook covering all six sets.

CVC word builder and ‘Plant it’ activities.

Fun games and stories

  • 6 related games (dominoes, memory and board games).
  • 3 stories with linked activities.
  • ‘Plant it’ fun spelling activity and game.
  • Multi-sensory resources:  26 magnetic alphabet letters, Play-Doh, Pom poms, counters and dice.

Multi-sensory resources

Dominoes and board games.